Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I saw this video over on Backtalk and thought the ODeck crew would appreciate it as well. What appears to be Marj Dusay (“Spock’s Brain”) and Wink Martindale play a couple who live with their son in an idyllic version of 1999 as predicted by Philco-Ford Corporation in 1967.


I picked up some mixed messages from that video. I know it’s supposed to be optimistic but there are some dystopian undertones. The music during the reveal of the date had me expecting to see a half-buried Statue of Liberty behind the mom and son on the beach. (This was made before Planet of the Apes came out so it’s just coincidence...or is it?) The family’s life is dependent on, and in some cases controlled by, the household computer. Their lives are fine (as long as they follow the rules and obey the computer).

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