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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Being Human series finale!

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I haven't seen a recap/review on main io9 nor any thread on the Odeck so figured I would start one. Any other Niners watch the finale? Spoilers ahead.


I saw it early this morning and was not prepared to cry. Sally sacrificing herself for Aiden (she was my favorite too, Ramona!), Aiden dying and getting his door, and Josh and Nora finally happy with a pack of their own... It was a beautiful send-off for these characters we grew to love over the years. (There were a few minor plots left hanging, though...) The cast, as always, did a phenomenal job (Aiden Witwer had some great stuff to work with).

Good bye Being Human and thanks for those four awesome seasons of sassy ghosts, 50s vampires and werepuppy angst! As a final goodbye I'm posting my favorite piece from the show's score:

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