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Spoilers to follow obviously.

I loved this series, and I loved this group, probably more than the original three. This whole season was great, but last night's finale was an absolute bloodbath. Captain Hatch was just an awesome villain. I wanted to hold a pillow over his face and suffocate the shit. But he was the devil, and you can't kill the devil, can you?

Well, after he caused an absolute bloodbath this season by manipulating Hal and Tom, it looks like the trio did exactly that. The Devil fled Hatch and took Rook, and Hal, Tom and Alex performed the ritual needed to destroy the devil. And all three have their curses lifted. They're Human again. Even Alex is alive. I love this. I love happy endings.


Except I don't believe it. The ritual was supposed to destroy all three in addition to the devil. And that's not what happened. I think The Devil gave Alex, Hal, and Tom what they ultimately wanted, to be Human again and be mates together. Maybe they accepted his deal and just don't realize it. They're living happily in their pocket universe while the Devil is still free, destroying the real world. If the curse had been lifted why didn't Alex get a door? What about the bloodbath, all the dead bodies left in their wake? They're Human now. There's no Rook to clean up their messes after them. As far as I know Natasha's dead body is still lying in their living room? How do you clean up that mess? You don't. The Devil cleaned it for them. He gave them a happy ending with no consequences for the war they waged while he's destroying the rest of humanity.

Please convince me I'm wrong.