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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Ben Affleck Batman Movie Confirmed by WB

Illustration for article titled Ben Affleck iBatman /iMovie Confirmed by WB

Look at that face. Can you say no to that face? Well, the WB couldn’t, because they are making a solo Batman film, written by Affleck and Geoff Johns and directed by Affleck himself. It’s going to be soooo dark, y’all.


Seriously, though, I’m actually excited about this because Affleck was one of the good things about Batman v Superman: DOOM AND GLOOM AND DOOM. And the films he’s directed (Gone Baby Gone, The Town, Argo) have all been really good (Argo even won an Oscar). And this also means more snarky Alfred.

Now the big question: who is Matt Damon going to play? My guess is the Riddler.

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