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After the success of Jessica Jones over on Netflix, Cinemax has decided to become the platform for another comic book adaptation by the hit creative duo that is writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev. While Jessica Jones isn’t a direct adaptation of their original work from its source material Alias, the show has been universally acclaimed, so it’s no wonder that Cinemax decided to pick up Scarlet.

Whether or not this adaptation of Bendis’ and Maleev’s work will be more faithful is unknown as there are currently very few details about the deal. Without giving away any spoilers, considering that the plot centers around a young woman with aspirations that are, to say the least, controversial (with some rather pointed commentary about society as well), it’s an interesting story for a platform like Cinemax to choose as one of their next television series. Then again, Cinemax is the network that aired the excellent, sometimes controversial, but overall underrated program Banshee for four seasons.


Would you rather see a direct adaptation of this work or a different take on the source material? (To be polite, let’s keep spoilers out of the comments, though, please.) Personally, I think a direct adaptation with only minor adjustments to better suit the television medium is the only way to go. Having read it myself, I can only imagine that watering down the source material would really make adapting the story rather pointless, or at least toothless.

Bendis’ other show adapted for television, Powers, is available on the PlayStation Network.

Edited: The article originally stated that HBO was developing the show, but more recent reports claim that it is instead Cinemax: Marvel’s ‘Scarlet’, From Jessica Jones Co-Creator, Coming to Cinemax.

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