Noteā€”this is inspired by Eldritch, therefore a shoutout to Eldritch, therefore Eldritch is not an acceptable answer, since it is in the question. ANYWAY. What's your favourite shoutout? Doesn't have to be genre, just fandom. Anything you knew or later learnt was a nod to a fan or a friend or a family member or crew or or or...?

When I say I like Demian and Barnes, I certainly don't mean the TWOP admins who seem to hate Supernatural as much as I love it. They are no fun. But the characters named for them were great! And they got to give Dean an inspiring speech about why people would look to the Winchesters for entertainment.

Supernatural is rife with shoutouts, though. The publisher of the Supernatural books in season 4 is named Sera Siege (never spoken in the ep, though) after Sera Gamble and Julie Siege, both writers on the show. Which I mention since Robert "Bobby" Singer is a gimme.


I have a friend who's been murdered at least twice now, I think, by a writer friend. First time, he flayed a character with her name. Don't remember how she died the second time, but how do you call home and explain that to your mother? "And you say he's a friend of yours, honey?"

What shoutouts in any medium, and close or far to yourself, have you enjoyed?