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In an argument that may never be won, three main duos (as I see it) contend the title of best television bromance. While there was certainly a turing point when Turk and JD hit the stage, it is certainly possible to upstage the duo's guy-love. I've listed the three I thought were the most significant, but if the option you're looking for is not available please comment below and I will add it in.

However, before you go adding on just any television non-romantic relationship, let's look at why these three bromances count as such.


Feel free to argue your opinion in the comments below to sway whosoever may pass by.

Turk & JD

The original bromance; yes, there have been others before, but Turk and JD's friendship was given a higher level of attention than any romantic relationship on the sitcom and placed as a vital artery of the storyline, something no other television show had accomplished before.

Turk and JD made Scrubs, Scrubs...

Shawn & Gus


The Shawn and Gus bromance was also formulated from the pilot as an essential part of the story. I also see the interaction between the two more truer to actual life, with one friend helping along the other at times and vice versa at others.

Taken from that link down below:

Psych is ultimately the triumph of two best friends who push each other to grow in different ways that each would never have aimed for alone, realizing now that they couldn't live without the other's support.


Without Gus, Psych may have been just another terrible USA Network show (bound to sting someone there, sorry), but with it, Psych is quite possibly my favorite television show ever.

Also, definitely finish Psych if you didn't plan on it.


Troy & Abed


This duo remains the closest to my heart, probably because they've been through the most dynamic and unexpected changes (mostly a remark about Troy leaving for a boatload of cash).

A caveat of Troy and Abed's close relationship, was that it wasn't technically planned, so we were given the opportunity to watch it naturally form with the seasons, and not be fully capitalized on until the second season.


I noted that in both Scrubs and Psych, the bromance held the show in to something enjoyable, but we're finding out with Community how a show does with the loss of the bromance. It hurts every time I turn on the television and don't see Troy in his regular study room seat, but has the show gone down the toilet? Not yet.

And will Troy come back for a Community movie? One can only hope...


Hang on buddy.

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