Everyone missed a fantastic time at the museums yesterday, but even without you they were still a hit. We were able to see Judy Garland's ruby slippers and the Hope Diamond, plus the mini-nerd was able to get a necklace with her DNA in it. That was absolutely the most important thing we had to do. She has also gone to the next level in her interest in rocks and minerals. She is no longer content just collecting rocks. Now identification is required, so I bought her a book.

The good news keeps on coming for this week. I was able to find a bottle of the new Game of Thrones Fire and Blood from Brewery Ommegang. It is currently in my refrigerator undertaking a journey to 10 degrees Celsius. This beer will be my finish for when I get home Saturday after Awesome Con 2014. Hopefully it will help me relax after many hours of being in a crowd.