So, at a friend's insistence, I started watching Supernatural. I've just finished the pilot. Random thoughts and questions:

1. I like Dean better than Sam right now. He's cocky and snarky, and I like that. Sam is a bit to clean for my tastes right now.

2. I hope they don't stretch the "looking for our father" arc too long. This is the kind of arc that gets annoying if it's npt resolve after more a season or so.

3. Is it me or was the end pure, by-the-book fridging? Barely developed female character is introduced and killed off right away just to motivate the hero. I hope the show doesn't make a habit.

4. Damn you, Lost title-only brand of main credits! I love credit sequences, with song and all! Do the show ever get one?


So, I'm off to watch ep. 2.Any advices, warnings, or encouragements can be left below.