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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Better late than never: Supernatural S1 EP6: Skin and EP7 Hook Man

So I got behind on my Supernatural watch for many reasons, but I watched two episodes last week. The first one, Skin, was ok, but it wasn't really memorable. I liked Sam trying to stay connected to his old life it really sets him apart from Dean, and it rounded him a little more. Oh, and the monster's shapeshifting was really disgusting. Liked that.

The second episode, Hook Man, I liked much better. Here are some highlights:

  • Okay, I hope they'll drop the "one brother will always be skeptical it's a supernatural case" bit they do at the beginning of every single episode. It's getting kind of tiresome. Especially since its never the same brother. Now, I wouldn't mind them being skeptical once in while but not once an episode. And to have an episode were there is no supernatural creature would be a nice twist in a later season.
  • Another great line from Dean: "Great work, Dr. Venkman" Yes, Yes YES! More Ghostbusters jokes, more!
  • I liked how they did the Hook Man. I liked the fact it was a spirit, I liked how we never saw his face, I liked his backstory. Favorite villain of the week so far. But I hope they get a good recurring villain soon. (Funnily enough, you see the Hook Man face on the DVD box, but not in the episode)
  • Okay, so my friend who lent me the dvds told me Dean is the ladies man who hooks up often but so far, it seems to be the opposite. Dean tries to pick up everything that moves and fails (often hilariously so) and Sam's tearful eyes and inner pain seems to get all the girls winded up, including in the last episode. It never gets further than kissing, but it is still farther than Dean so far. So, is my friend correct, or is he just lying to me to mess with my expectations?

Okay, so since it is Saturday, I'm going to go watch the last episode of the disc, Bugs, and I might double team and watch home too. Feel free to comment.

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