Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Beyond perception.

I am old enough to I remember when my parent's bought our first TV. It was black and white, had chrome buttons and knobs for on/off, volume and channel selection. Our next TV had color and a remote. Not a modern digital remote, but a remote that you pointed at the TV and a little internal motor would change the channel up 1 or down 1. Of course, everything in "those" days was "regular definition." Televisions today are "high definition" with 1 thousand pixels top to bottom. The picture resolution being more than twice as sharp as they were. This is something which is clearly visible if you were to put an old and new set side by side. In the immediate future is "Ultra High Definition" which will show a picture with 4 thousand pixels top to bottom. And there is already talk of so-called 8K tv's as the next technology. All this brings me to think: At what point is a smaller pixel worth the technology? If a picture pixel is already at a "retina limit," would you be able to discern anything smaller. Unless you plan to watch movies on your 65 inch 4K TV at a distance of two feet. Is modern technology surpassing human visual limits? Would a 16K or 32K TV be absurd?


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