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Bill Murray, Taxi Cab Muse

Imagine Bill Murray driving you to a barbecue joint in the middle of the night to play saxophone.

Bill Murray is ubiquitous lately, creating small, zen-like moments of public goofiness, and that's no bad thing. Recently the Toronto Film Festival declared Friday to be Bill Murray Day, and for the occasion they free screenings of Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, and they had Murray in town for a fan Q&A. And that's when Murray dropped this:


The night before he was in a cab in Oakland, California. He got to talking to the cabbie, who mentioned he played saxophone. Murray asked the driver when he practiced, and the driver said since he had to drive 14 hours a day, not much practice was happening. Murray then asked the driver where his sax was, and the cabbie said it was in the trunk of the cab.

So Murray had the cabbie pull over, get his sax, and hop in the back seat while Murray took the wheel: "Pull over and get in the back, I know how to drive a car."

Murray continued:

"Not only did he play all the way to Sausalito, which is a long way, we stopped and got barbecue. He [wound up] playing in what some would call a sketchy, weird place in Oakland at 2:15 in the morning. I was like, 'Relax, man, you've got the [bleeping] horn! We're cool!' And it was great and it made for a beautiful night!"


He hasn't yet won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, but at this rate, the Bill Murray Price for Practical Comedy will have to be established.

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