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Bioshock Infinite is goddamn amazing.

I enjoyed Bioshock 1. B2, not so much but that was mainly because I felt I was retreading 1 and it simply didn't have the same impact, for the most part.

i gotta be honest; I didn't think this was gonna work. It just seemed too different, and yes, i'm fully aware of the contradiction of my feelings there.


But boy was I wrong. This world was bright and glorious and oh so dark at the same time.

Frustrating thing about it is its hard to tell you why you should play it without giving away the story... so i'll simply say just stop whatever it is you're doing right now; get the game (and new gaming PC rig, if necessary), and take about 20 hours out of your life to be blown away.

And that's all I got to say about that.

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