Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Birthweek looks familiar

One hundred and two years ago Also sprach Zarathrustra was first performed. Today is a birthday, of sorts, for that symphonic work by Strauss which was inspired by Nietzsche’s novel of the same name.


Nietzsche’s Also sprach Zarathustra and 2001 both show an interest in biological and intellectual change; they are interested in giving their opinion on how modern humans came to be so smart and in how modern humans can make the next big leap to something more profound.

Today’s topic if you choose to discuss it:

What was the smartest Kinja-related thing you did in the past (choose time)?

Alternate topic:

What was the not-smartest Kinja-related thing you did in the past (choose time)?

author’s answers: I choose the time of month. The smartest thing was deciding to write these the day before instead of the morning of. The not-smartest thing was any time I decided to comment on Splinter with the hope that I can get back into their recommended commenters pool. That seems like an uphill struggle.

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