Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Birthweek's Krazy TV Roundup

Welcome to Day 5 of Birthweek 9 for Observation Deck. On this day sixty-four years ago in space history a person in the US was hit by a rock. Not just any rock, but a rock from space.

The Wikipedia page on the event states that the rock first crashed through her house’s roof and then hit a radio and then hit her. But still! Being hit by a space rock on Earth’s surface is a very very unlikely event.


Today’s topic if you choose to discuss it:

What is the least likely thing that has happened to you? In your subjective opinion.


Alternate topic:

Have you ever touched a rock from space?

author’s answers: Randomly meeting Seth Green inside a San Diego Comic-Con is probably the least likely event that has happened to me, mostly based on how many people attend those and how random it would be to turn a corner and find a particular person.


Yes. Because attending rock shows is one of the things I do for fun, and some people in the rock-selling business think handing people a rock from space is fun.

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