Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Bitten Renewal (Canada Only)

So.... I think SPACE has learned something pretty interesting. There are these people out there in the Universe called Readers. When you make a show based on a book these Readers tend to have opinions. When you make a show based on a book and make stupid idiotic changes those Readers will most definitely have strong opinions.

From Kelley Armstrong's facebook page:

It's Alison, Kelley's assistant. With my Bitten renewal post below we should clarify that it's Space (Canada) only. Syfy (US) has not renewed the show. Season 2 be 10 episodes, based on Stolen, including non-werewolf characters. While that wasn't the plan, readers were among the show's biggest supporters, so the plans changed (Kelley says congrats to you guys for that!) And that really is all we know. Please direct all other questions to those involved with the show.


And here's the official announcement from Space.

So who do we think is showing up in Season 2 from the books?!?!?! And HOW will they fix all the problems?


I'm glad it's only 10 episodes and that they're going to try condensed storytelling because Season one left me with the impression that they should only be half an hour episodes.

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