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We’re finally here! I am excited about this, guys. Not sure about you, but I have been waiting for this show to start with a lot of anticipation. I hope they manage to give us a good one here. It’s weird having it in the Legends spot, because that means that it will probably be moved around a bit, but I want all 5 shows to succeed. Let’s react.

I haven’t found a promo specifically for the first episode, so here’s a trailer.

I am actually quite OK with this show being in a different universe as Supergirl or Arrow. I want it to be separate for a bit while it finds its legs without making us wonder “how is <<&thatotherhero>> not helping in this situation?”


As always, I leave the floodgates open, and I will be back to deal some snark and praises after I can watch (later tonight).

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