Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I haven’t watched this episode, but I’m sure we saw this on Kimmy Schtmidt. Anyway, welcome to episode 4-02 of Black Mirror! Come for the science fiction, stay for the depression and the support group (Discussion thread). Spoilers for this episode on the comments.

Again, if you want your review of the episode here, link it on the comments and I will promote it on this main article. It will be cheaper than 15 million merits, and you won’t be tricked into doing porn. I promise! But keep spoilers relegated to the relevant episode thread.

Episode Sinopsis: Worried about her daughter’s safety, single mom Marie sings up for a cutting-edge device that monitors the girl’s whereabouts — and much more.


Discuss, people! I’ll be back after I watched the episode or while I’m watching it.

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