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Black Panther To Be Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Illustration for article titled iBlack Panther /iTo Be Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Marvel has gotten some well-deserved flak for their lack of diversity in the writers for their All-New, All-Different Marvel lineup. Which is why their latest announce is just so good: African-America author and journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates will be writing Black Panther.


Ta-Nehisi Coates has written two books about his experience as a black man in America, one a memoir (The Beautiful Struggle: A Father, Two Sons, and an Unlikely Road to Manhood) and one as a series of letters to his son (Between the World and Me). He is also a journalist for The Atlantic and has written many articles for quite a lot of other places.

He is also quite a huge Marvel Comics fans and has written articles about his love for them:

Mr. Coates’s enthusiasm for Marvel started when he was a boy. Marvel was “an intimate part of my childhood and, at this point, part of my adulthood,” he said. “It was mostly through pop culture, through hip-hop, through Dungeons & Dragons and comic books that I acquired much of my vocabulary.”

Mr. Coates, 39, began reading comics in the mid-1980s and was introduced to three minority characters: Storm, the leader of the X-Men; Monica Rambeau, who had taken on the name Captain Marvel; and James Rhodes, who was Iron Man. “They were obviously black,” he recalled, but it was not made into a big deal. Still, he said: “I’m sure it meant something to see people who looked like me in comic books. It was this beautiful place that I felt pop culture should look like.”


He has stated that his first Black Panther storyline, “A Nation Under Our Feet,” will deal with a violent uprising in Wakanda by a superhuman terrorist group called the People.

The artist for the book is Brian Stelfreeze.

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