Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

1) Is this my friend from the UK, Eliza? Yes, it is.

2) Is she a kick-ass model? Yep. (and is she 10 times smarter than I will ever be? Yes indeed. She doesn't look like a scientist, but that's what she's in grad school studying at the moment...)


3) is she, in these photos, modeling two ORIGINAL costumes (not replicas) from the show Blake's 7? HELL YES SHE IS!

This is a photo project by Welsh photographer Carl Ryan for his company Black Planet Photography. I do believe it is something for the BBC itself, but I'm sketchy on details at the moment. I'm just thrilled to see one of my friends doing something this geek-tastically awesome!

FOLLOW UP: got this message from Eliza when I asked her about the photo shoot: "One of [my colleagues] has a friend who collects memorabilia and has a collection of the costumes he exhibits at sci fi conventions. Carl did the shoot and we are submitting it to some sci fi mags as I think people would love to know the history of the costumes and the characters/actors and what they are up to now etc."


Find out more about the Carl Ryan's company here: http://www.blackplanetphotography.com

Find out more about Eliza: (modeling, professional horse racing commentary, etc) here: http://www.lovetheraces.com/voices-of-the-…

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