In 1980, I was 8 years old (yes, thank you, I'm decrepit). By that age, I was already reading at a college level, and reading at the rate of a crazy person—I would regularly check out the alloted amount of books-at-a-time from our local library (if I remember correctly, it was 15), read through the whole pile in about 5 days or less, then come back for more.

I read a lot of different things at that age, but my favourite stuff was (duh) (and still is—double-duh) anything that had to do with the supernatural and horror.

People talk a lot today about the "explosion" of the Young Adult market in books, but the 80's was a fantastic time to be a young reader. There were SO MANY books that came out—and we were able to order books through Scholastic from school; I swear, my favourite school days were those when the Scholastic order came in. I'd see that box sitting on my teacher's desk and could barely contain my excitement until she opened it and distributed everybody's books.

If you were like me and read a lot of these, some of them may have leaked out of your memory, or you can only recall fuzzy details. Well, I have a treat for you—I just found this site that lists an incredible amount of books from that time period. Some of them even have the covers shown, and I'm getting these great memory jolts just seeing some of the ones I knew and loved.

If you're interested, you can check out the list here.

Edit: HOLY CRAP. Thanks to this website, I just found a series of books that I read (and re-read and RE-re-read about a scrillion times) and absolutely loved: the "Twilight: Where Darkness Begins" series. I had all of these (along with the also-excellent "Dark Forces" series) and absolutely ADORED them.


Well, hell. Now I need to go get all of these again.


Okay, another book I had TOTALLY forgotten about, but I must have read it eleventy scrillion times:


As soon as I saw the cover, I knew this book scared my pants off, although I don't remember anything about it. Totally buying this one, now.