I was looking through my old posts and found that a year ago today I had posted this and this about what was then the new Kinja. Reading the posts today it's interesting to note what has and hasn't changed since then.

This was during the Starry Interregnum when Kinja was being incrementally implemented across the Gawkerverse. I was an early user of the new Observation Deck (there were two ODecks briefly) and though the star system was gone I was one of the io9 commenters whose comments didn't go into the gray and could promote comments out of the gray. This was also during the brief period when there were only two comments initially visible on a post.

As the posts show, I was gaming the system, the first time intentionally and the second time inadvertently. It's a little more difficult to blatantly game the comment system now (though my comment on this post is still the top highlighted thread in the new current system).


The tech guys were paying attention to feedback and eventually we got a system that was usable. This new Kinja is even beyond the comprehension of at least one of the people who built it. This version is still a work in progress I hope the tech guys can also get this version to a more usable form.