Hello! Would you like to see Jaimie Alexander’s naked body? What if it was covered in tattoos? What if she woke up in a duffel bag in the middle of Times Square covered in tattoos? Wouldn’t that be a cool premise?

If you said, “Yes,” then you are the creators of Blindspot, a new show on NBC. And, to be fair, that is a cool premise. And after introducing that cool premise, the show goes where pretty much every show has gone before: stopping terrorist threats! Demonizing Chinese people! Omniscient terrorists who somehow know just what to do to stop the FBI! Gunfights at the Statue of Liberty!

Okay, that last bit was kind of cool. But all the rest of it was just, well, boring. We’ve seen all this stuff before. The opening, with the duffel bag and the naked tattooed lady (who is quickly named Jane Doe), that was all new, but as soon as Beardy FBI Agent shows up (because his name is tattooed on Jane’s back), the audience gets to watch him gruffly do his gruff job and speak gruffly to his co-agents. This no longer is a show about Jane and who she is, but rather Beardy FBI Agent and Another Show About Boring White Guy is just stupid.

Now, when Jane Doe is on-screen, Jaimie Alexander is pretty freakin’ great. She is a bundle of emotions, sadness and melancholy and uncertainty. She is definitely the best part about this pilot. The unfortunate thing is that the pilot only focuses on her part of the time — the rest is Beardy FBI Agent and Other Beardy Evil Guy and then Maybe Evil Black FBI Ladyboss (and also Chrissy from Growing Pains who is also that one waitress from The Avengers and Ellie from The Last of Us).

So, really, don’t watch this show if you are looking for smart television. (I figured that out the moment I saw they were asking Jane Doe questions about her past...after they knew she has amnesia.) But do watch it for Jaimie Alexander’s excellent performance and the scenes where she kicks ass.


I mean, it really just makes me wish for a Lady Sif show.