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Bombshell, new game from the creators of Duke Nukem looks awful

Seriously, it's like the late 90's are trying to make a game based on the sci-fi of the late 80's, using the technology from the late 00's. And it's supposedly a PS4/PC game.

And that's not even getting into the blatantly male gaze inspired outfit for our robot lady there. Classy. Also, "Bombshell"? Really? Are you even trying any more?


And that voice acting at the end of the trailer... Why was that there? What's even... Why are we... Who's letting 3D Realms continue to be a studio?

Duke Nukem Forever was a bizarre, horrible artifact of the past because it was actually an artifact of the past, but this... This is supposedly a modern game. Every time video games start to grow up a little bit, stuff like this pushes them back down into the muck, and I can't hope this fails hard enough.

Anyway, let's see what 90's Kid thinks of the trailer.


Seems about right. EXTREEEEEMEEEE

Edit: Seems like these are actual screenshots of the game (found on Giant Bomb in the comments), looks like a top down twin stick shooter thing. Pass.


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