Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So, I was listening to my CD of Bond songs for like the 1 825 364th time today and I finally decided to share with the world my wacky theories about how two Bond Songs are actually full of meta references:

Goldeneye (Tina Turner)

The theme song to Pierce Brosnan first outing as Bond is Brosnan talking about his history with the role of James Bond. So, a bit of history: according to Brosnan, Goldfinger is the first movie he saw in theaters. After Moore left the role, Brosnan was offered the part, but had to drop out due to prior commitments to the tv show Remmington Steele. So he had to wait 7 years before he could finally play the role. This is what this song is about, in addition to the usual romance narrative. Here's the chorus:

You'll never know how I watched you from the shadows as a child
You'll never know how it feels to be the one left behind
You'll never know the pain the tears the tears I've cried
but now my time has come and time time is not on your side


The first line is clearly a reference to Brosnan seeing Goldfinger in theaters (another line, "See him move through smoke and mirrors " refers to the same event)

The second line, along with You'll never know how it feels to be so close and be denied from a later reprise of the chorus, is about how Brosnan had to give up the role the first time.


The final line is about how it's finally his turn to play Bond, and he cannot be delayed anymore.

Any reference to "he" in the song is a personification of the character, the role of Bond.


Casino Royale, Chris Cornell

This song is James Bond, the character, talking to the new actor daring to take on his persona.

I've seen angels fall from blinding heights

But you yourself are nothing so divine

Just next in line

This stanza is all about warning Craig that, no, he isn't special, he is just another actor playing Bond, and that maybe Craig won't like the price that this new fame will demand. After all, actors better than him have gone that road before and suffered terrible consequences, since apart from Connery, no other actors had really great movie careers after Bond.

Arm yourself because no one else here will save you
The odds will betray you
And I will replace you
You can't deny the prize it may never fulfill you
It longs to kill you
Are you willing to die?
The coldest blood runs through my veins
You know my name


This is the chorus, and it's again Bond warning Craig that being him is no easy task - everybody is going to judge you and nobody is going to give you any chances if you screw up. To be Bond, you have to accept that this might be the end of your career.

This song can be summed up as such "So, you wanna play spy? In that case, you better be ready, or else..."


So, what do you think? Am I crazy? Or a genius? Or a crazy genius?

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