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Today's picture for #WednesdayBookClub is of the El Ateneo Grand Splendid of Buenos Aires, Argentina, which I have poached from LightningLouie's post a few posts down. Tis the way of The Book Club!

This week, I've been so busy with work and then I got pollen-bombed Friday AT work so I've been on allergy meds this past weekend. Fortunately, I have the day off so I am determined to be done with Neverwhere by the end of today. I'm about halfway done and it's 12:30 here so it could happen. I listened to the fantastic radio play before I read the book and consequently, I hear and see the cast in my head while I'm reading it. I'm glad I'm reading it for the most visual parts of the book and extra Croup and Vandemar (Who are now my favorite villainous duo) bits.


I've also finished the first story of Second Foundation. I would love for this to be a miniseries, something in the feel of The Hollow Crown miniseries that the BBC did last year. I'm not only in this, right? If we got the right writers on board.

What about you all? What have you spent the last week reading?

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