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Books to Read, 2019

(Not one of LightningLouie’s bookshelves, but a remarkable likeness nonetheless.)

I know that we usually do a weekly books read column, but what books do you plan on reading this year... in the future? Old books, books you just picked up, rereads, or forthcoming releases?


It’s been wet, cold, and miserable where I am for the past couple of days, so I’ve been going through the dozen or so books — mostly novels — I’ve been meaning to read for the past 12+ months. Still haven’t read The Book of Dust or the last Expanse novel. I did just finish a big 2018 release I’ll tell you about next week. Mostly, though, the rest of the pile is smaller books, some of them genre-adjacent — Jeff Jackson’s apocalyptic rock novel Destroy All Monsters, Robin Sloan’s Sourdough. There’s also a critical survey of Rod Serling’s work I’ve been meaning to go through.

Not a whole lot of new stuff that looks exciting in January, besides Alastair Reynolds’ Revenger sequel, Shadow Captain. I’ll probably use the month to catch up on my backlog. The major new releases for me in 2019 are the Annalee and CJA books, The Future of Another Timeline (June) and The City in the Middle of the Night (February). I’m also looking forward to Gibson’s Agency, assuming it doesn’t get pushed back. And there are new novels by Tim Pratt, Richard Kadrey, Robert Jackson Burnett, and Kameron Hurley that I’m looking forward to; N.K. Jemisin is supposed to have a standalone out in the fall as well.

Anyway, cheers! Hope you’re having a happy new year so far, and best wishes for the months ahead. 

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