Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I'm sure we've all been there. There are just some books that you want to savor, sipping them, because you don't want them to end. On the flip side, I've devoured books like a good meal in one sitting. Both types of books (when they are good) can leave you with an empty, sad feeling because they are over. Wanting more.

I ventured over to my local library today and picked up some graphic novels to read.

AN ASIDE: Seriously folks, support your local library. Libraries are AWESOME but they need you to check out the books (for free) to demonstrate their worth.

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So, two of the books I picked up were the collected editions of the new solo Captain Marvel title. I'm half-way through the first collected edition (#1-6). I'm taking breaks between pages and sections just to think about what I just read and the art. This book is leagues above most other collected editions I've read.

I mean, I did a slow-sip of Buffy season 8, ditto Angel & Faith but that shouldn't come as any surprise if you ever witnessed me wax poetic about BtVS.

I'm totally (when I get a little money) going to buy the collected editions of Captain Marvel to add to my bookshelf alongside other books I revisit every year or so like the Wicked series, World War Z, and the collected works of David Sedaris as well as Florence King.


I'm going to take a cue from caseyjonescaseyjones (who does awesome recaps and has made me want to seek out the new Ms. Marvel comics) and give some recap/review/analysis in later posts.

I know many pixels have been spilled talking about the new Captain Marvel series, but I just couldn't contain my need to mention it before I even attempt to discuss it in any sort of depth.


What are books that you slow-sipped?

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