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Bran the Builder would be envious of these GoT Lego displays

Although I imagine the Game of Thrones license is perhaps a little too gory (and a lot more nude-y!) for Lego to ever pick it up as a range, it's nice to imagine what it could be like with these awesome MOC Minifigures and Dioramas.


What I really like about these creations is that, unlike a lot of typical Lego customs, they rely almost entirely on Official Lego parts and bricks, rather than custom hair molds or custom prints for chest pieces. That's not anything against the people who find the time and have the creative inclination to make their own custom pieces and prints, to get their MOCs just right - but I admire the ingenuity of people who look at what's already there in Lego's plethora of parts and create something that gets as close to their goal as they can. Like the particularly inspired use of the SHIELD Quinjet sticker from the Avengers line as House Arryn's sigil above - not necessarily 100% accurate physically, but the spirit behind it is more than commendable.

Check out more of these lovely displays over at Lego Game of Thrones.

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