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Brawl2099 I'm a fanfic-writing Mormon HR professional- AMA

Good morning everyone! So really, I may be a jack of all trades. I am a lifelong active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or the Mormons, and I’m also a return missionary. I am currently an HR professional with nearly a decade experience in almost all fifty states (I think Alaska and the Dakotas are the three that I haven’t worked in). I have been a fanfic writer for over seventeen years, and in that time have moderated/edited/ran about a dozen different groups. I also frequently write my own work, with two novels in the works. I’m also a talented amateur chef, as antipodes might attest.

So a few things I want to get out of the way.

When it comes to my faith, I’m not here to argue. Please, intelligent questions, and no flame baiting. I trust this group enough to know that’s not likely, but it often happens when Mormonism comes up. No, Mormons no longer practice polygamy even though some polygamists claim to be Mormons; yes, it was part of our history. I can get more into it if you’d like. Anything really is open season.


When it comes to HR, I’m an expert in Utah, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington HR laws and practices. Each state is different, but I can answer general questions for any where in the US. If you just want to know what the career is like, or stories, that would be best, but I’m happy to talk about anything HR related.

The only hobby I’ve had as long as/longer than writing fanfic is comic book collecting. I’ve been writing fic since before I knew what it was. My first “fanfic” story was a GI Joe I wrote for a first grade project. I wrote for years about various things, but in high school, I discovered the internet and other geeks who write stories. As a massive Marvel fan, I gravitated towards Marvel fic, and discovered shared universe fanfiction- essentially a group writing stories as if they were a comic book company. Since then I’ve written hundreds of issues, for literally dozens of sites (the vast majority of which are long defunct now). I have also ran six different Marvel groups, four different DC groups, three different Star Trek groups, and one Stargate group.

I have two novels in progress- a superhero romance and a space opera.

And lastly, my wife and I love cooking. If you’re looking for a recipe, let me know (not you Antipodes- you know why).


On an off topic note, I’m travelling for business all of next week, so aside from a comment or two, this post is probably the last you guys will hear from me for a week.

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