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Brawl's Current Top Ten Comics Part 2

So yesterday I told you about super soldiers, the weird west and serial killers. Today is going to feel a little more traditional. Kinda.

5. All-New All-Different Avengers


If you’ve been following my talk about comics for a while, you’ll notice certain trends. One of those trends is how certain writers or artists are must-buy for me. Mark Waid is one of them. Waid on the flagship Avengers title? Even more so. The amazing thing here is that he’s built an Avengers team that feels classic with only two veterans (I’m not counting Sam Wilson as a veteran because he’s still new to his role), while the new young voices keep it feeling fresh. It’s the best Avengers title since Brian Bendis injected the series with a shot of adrenaline almost ten years ago.

4. Amazing Spider-Man

Another thing all of you can attest to is my love of Spider-Man. And let me tell you, Dan Slott is almost a decade into this series, and somehow it still feels fresh. The great thing about Slott is that he knows how to keep the series on top, and how to reset things while building on the past. The current Amazing Spider-Man volume, featuring Peter Parker as a globe-trotting CEO/super-spy. Camuncoli’s art is firing on all cylinders as well. Really, this is Spider-Man at his best.

3. Black Science


Rick Remender’s universe hopping adventure series lost me in the first issue, but grabbed me back in the second issue. It hasn’t let go since. This is insane science fiction at its best, with a multi-verse (called the Onion here) full of dangers, and even a conspiracy that has protagonist Grant McKay and his team barely able to survive. And I’m doing the series a disservice if I don’t mention Matteo Scalera’s art. All of this insanity would be a jumbled mess without an artistic partner like Scalera.

2. Mockingbird


This series is only three issues old, but Chelsea Cain and Kate Niemczyk have already made it a favorite. In issue #1, we’re reintroduced to Bobbi Morse (formerly Barton), and are given a whirlwind glimpse of her world over the course of six weeks. In #2 & #3, we actually see some of the missions hinted at in #1. Meanwhile, exposure to a mixture of super serums has given Bobbi indeterminate superpowers, which possibly include telepathy and precognition. It’s a smart, witty and hilarious spy thriller. Seriously, you need to read it. And read it HARDER. It deserves more than six issues. It deserves more than twelve issues. This sucker should last forever.

1. The Wicked + The Divine


So I’ll put a disclaimer up here. These series are my top ten because I’m actively reading them. If I was caught up on series like Mighty Thor, Saga or Morning Glories I would have included them. The exception is The Wicked + The Divine. I am SO BEHIND reading this series. BUT I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT. This is the best comic book on the stands right now. The story of a shadow war among popstar super-gods possessing millennials is riveting, gorgeous and haunting. Gillen and McKelvie have cemented their superstar status with this series, and you need to be reading it. If you haven’t read it, the first volume is on Comixology Unlimited. Use your free trial JUST TO READ WIC+DIV and it’s well worth it.

Honorable Mentions: Doctor Strange by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo, Spider-Man by Brian Bendis and Sara Pichelli, Extraordinary X-Men by Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos, The Mighty Thor by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman, Descender by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen, Saga by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples, Morning Glories by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma, Citizen Jack by Sam Humphries and Tommy Patterson, Copperhead by Jay Faerber and Scott Godlewski.

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