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Bring on the Death Panels!

Well due to deadlines before getting penalized for it, I finally signed up for healthcare through the healthcare.gov website. Unfortunately as a small business, it is an international chain but hotel is individually owned, my work didn't have to provide health care so I had to buy it in the marketplace! Oh boy nothing builds my confidence in my health care like associating it with capitalism and free market.

Even with about $100 tax credit even a lot of the terrible choices were still to expensive for me. I ended up choosing the option with the lowest monthly premium that had a $6000 deductible but no need to co-pay anything after that. My reasoning is I am going to just continue avoiding healthcare and this is more for if I get hospitalized in a bad bike accident or something. I am sure costs would run up more then $6000 and lack of needing to pay a copay may save me money in that event. Otherwise I will never come close to $6000 anyways. Will continue using the trans and queer friendly federally funded Houston area community clinic that I like to use now cause the staff is great and I can get my regular bloodwork done and checkups for a not to bad sliding scale.


Why is it again we can't we have universal healthcare like civilized people?

Anyways, sorry felt like rambling about that!

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