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British Civil Disobedience - Friday Open Thread

Well so that week happened and obviously it wasn’t a good one so let’s not dwell on it. Instead I’m going to talk about the one fun news story of the last seven days that once again demonstrates why the British are the best at civil disobedience as while other countries strike (http://atwonline.com/air-traffic-ma…), protest (http://gawker.com/word-trump-wri…), or take control of a wildlife sanctuary (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nati…) we Brits do what we do best, we take the fucking piss.

Last week the Natural Environment Research Council asked the British public to suggest names for their new £200 million research ship so we chose the most fitting name for the undertaking.


I give you RRS Boaty McBoatface.

This adds to our recent pisstakings where the volunteering campaign ‘Clean for the Queen’, which was fronted by the dickheads who voted through cuts to public services volunteers were being asked to fill, was mocked online with a common thread being ‘She can clean it her bloody self’.

So that’s the good news of the last seven days so what have you guys done this week or are planning to do this weekend?

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