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#BritishJaegers offers the best of Blighty as Kaiju fighters

Although they're not on the Pacific Rim, the UK could offer some hilariously named Jaegers to stand alongside the likes of Striker Eureka and Gipsy Danger - so Twitter has taken the job of desiging the thoroughly British Branch of the Pan Pacific Defense Corp. Say hello to Oxford Comma and friends!

(Oxford Comma by @HelpThe99ers)


Little Chef, by @Hondanhon

Steak Bake, by @MightyBlackout


Mornington Crescent, by @Matlock


The Jaeger tag-team of Chippy Dinner and Mushy Peas, by @JoeTheDough and @Hide2k10


Iron Brew gets points reduced for name inaccuracy (it should be Irn Bru of course), but what a perfect colour scheme! by @BioJammer


Earl Grey, by @JamesHunt

In the end though, Garry Whitta reminds us of what should probably be the true British Jaeger:



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