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With the obligatory Fifty Shades of Grey reference out of the way let's consider this week's episode of Helix. Secrets are revealed, Sister Agnes makes a dangerous discovery and Sister Amy's hand is magic. Spoilers ahead.

Peter continues to give younger brothers a bad name by diming out Alan to Michael while informing him about the bees. Michael provides the brothers with therapy by dropping them into an oubliette together. That goes about as well as you would expect as they clash over Julia and sibling rivalry issues. Alan gets the better of Peter by getting out of the hole while leaving Peter behind and accusing him of working for Ilaria.


Michael goes into mad scientist mode as he talks to Anne and Amy about the bee problem. When Anne says nature finds a way he demonstrates that on the island nature is supposed to do what he wants. (Is Anne consciously paraphrasing a line from Jurassic Park and if so when would she have had the opportunity to see it?) Michael continues to show his sensitive side when later he comments on the ravages of time taking their toll on Anne (which is also hint towards the big reveal of the episode).

As I expected, Caleb comes across Julia. She was healing on her own but his assistance is still welcome. Caleb drops a few hints about his father (he never met him) and his mother. There was a Narvik virus outbreak (which hasn't yet happened yet in the present if I'm following the timeline correctly) which let his mother to come to the island. Caleb takes Hatake's sword (but for some reason not the scabbard) after hearing Julia refer to it as her father's legacy.

Kyle Sommers isn't the simple Texas doctor he seems to be. It turns out he's working for someone interested in Alan Farragut. Given where he's briefed on his assignment it's implied that he's working for some agency of the US Government. Kyle doesn't tell Alan that Sarah was stabbed and tries to pump him for information. Alan accuses Kyle of working for Ilaria (Alan is rather single minded that way) then ends up handcuffed to a convenient bit of furniture in the lab.


Sister Amy shows her displeasure with Brother Landry by cutting him off from handjobs. Amy puts some moves on Kyle in front of Landry but Kyle resists her charms. When Landry visits the lab later he's a bit jealous but Kyle for once doesn't provoke the person he's talking to. Fortunately for Landry when he performs an important task for her Amy rewards him by putting on a glove. (What's with Syfy shows and handjobs anyway?)

Agnes shows she's one of the few competent people on the island when she treats Sarah's injuries. Unfortunately being competent and not taking other people's shit tends to be punished on Helix. She notices Sarah's rapid healing and discovers that she is a silver-eye. Agnes has clearly seen that condition before and knows what it means. She mentions Sarah's condition to Amy on her way to see Michael and Amy is even more freaked out than Agnes saying it's impossible.


It turns Michael is also a silver-eye who told his daughters like Agnes that he was the only one. Michael is a little miffed that Agnes knows the truth so he snaps her neck. Now who will slap Amy when she really deserves it?


Assorted thoughts:

  • Michael knows about Sarah's silver eyes but not that Agnes told Amy.
  • Isn't there another way to hide Michael's silver eyes than injections into the eyeball?
  • Amy says the honey will help her get off the island. That suggests she's working for someone besides Brother Michael.
  • Michael called Agnes his daughter. Amy is Anne's daughter so is Michael the father of either woman (or both, eww)? Assuming Agnes really is his biological child then she was like Julia and could have become silver-eyed. But Michael likes being in control too much to have any other immortals around.
  • Are all these women Michael's daughters?

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