Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Browser Extension Census

Back in the day I was smugly or self-consciously anti-extension, sometimes both at the same time. Opera, I explained, already had that functionality. If you do it right right out of the gate, you don't need a plug-in to fix things.

Then there was that period where no one had ever heard of Opera (this period has not yet ended) so when nifty extensions came out for things Opera corporate didn't give a fig about, I was left in the dark—Missing-E? O missing, more like.


But now I can run some, and I spend some time in Chrome using a couple others. What do you plug in, and why?

  1. Ad Block Pro (Chrome, Opera)—the YT video ads longer than the video I was looking for finally drove to this—and it does exist for Opera! Yay!
  2. Evernote Clipper (Chrome)—I'm dependent on Evernote as a tool for so many things, and the clipper does things like let me specify how much of the page comes with—in conjunction with ABP, I get quite clean input, better than cleaning up on the back end.
  3. Tumblr Savior (Chrome, Opera)—serious, NO to One Direction, Wincest, and now I can hide NSFW from my colleagues on a tag by tag basis. Thank you for being available for Opera. And I dropped everyone that refused to tag their porn. Life is short, but my job better not be.
  4. Wolfram Alpha (Chrome)—I do not know why, actually. It's a tool I feel I should find use for, but my life is too boring.
  5. Dictionary of Numbers (Chrome)—this is a nifty tool that puts numbers in context (for instance, I know now that the nominal Jamaican GDP per capita is the same as the 2007 US CEO hourly rate). It can mess up the flow of what you're reading (especially if you forget its on—they should work out a better way to both make the 3rd part insertion clearer and keep the flow of information smooth), but it tells you what a number kinda means.
  6. Evernote Clearly (Chrome)—one of those format stripping tools. Worth its weight in uranium when it comes to undoing the mess of enthusiastic Tumblr users.
  7. Missing E—adds some functionality onto Tumblr's dashboard, changes some default behaviour, and generally pisses off their support staff.

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