With the news coming out today regarding charges against Bryan Singer molesting a minor, I thought I'd postulate a question here - How much does everyone worry about "separating the art from the artist?"

I've been around these parts long enough, and some of you might know that I have moderate-to-highly conservative parents, who, most recently, were bitching about Jennifer Lawrence being anti-gun. I dismissed this, saying that the actress was just giving performances, and those could be judged on their own merit. I linked it to all the conservative rhetoric Adam Baldwin posts on twitter, stating that I could still like Jayne Cobb and John Casey without agreeing with Baldwin's ideology.

It's the same to me with the recent renewal of interest in Orson Scott Card's stance against homosexuality. I've read Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead, and not once was I considering OSC's opinions at all during my time with those books.

But for some reason, these charges against Singer are bothering me a bit more than similar celebrity dismissals in the past. I'm not sure if it's because all the other cases I mentioned above are examples of celebrities being outspoken, and this one alleges abuse, or if it is because it involves a minor.


What are everyone's thoughts here? Can you still enjoy an Allen or Polanski movie, while condemning the behavior of those directors? Or do you think that supporting the product these people produce lends assent to the ways they conduct themselves?

I hate to be a downer on the O-deck so early in the morning. And I've loved most of the previous X-men films.