I tried to post this before, but Kinja ate it.

I'm re-watching Battlestar Galactica, and I ran into an incident that completely pulled me out of the moment. Can someone with military experience give me some insight?

In s03e14 (The Woman King), Helo (a lieutenant, IIRC) attempts to move his wife (also a lieutenant, IIRC) out of a civilian "hospital" and into (military-controlled) sick-bay.

The civilian doctor in charge of the hospital calls security (marines, based on the uniforms) and "orders" them to arrest the Lt. They proceed to do so.

How is this possible?

Is there any situation (excluding the President) where military personnel would take action against other military personnel under the order of a civilian?


If such actions are possible, would it extend to a civilian "ordering" military personnel to arrest a superior officer?

On a personal note: Why the frak isn't Helo ordering the marines to stand down? All the other stuff aside, he's a pathetic officer if he doesn't even try to take command of the marines that are... umm... under his command.d