I'm having this error again, and its boon companion of unauthorisation

Is it planned to have these and the perennial borked authorisation fixed, or are we just hurtling towards that illegible "new" commenting system so suck it up and don't report? I can shut up, I swear (untested).

I'd say 1 in 8 times the primary error happens, using Opera 17 on Windows or OS X. The unauthorised always happens every computer everywhere I've tried it.


Hi, Kinja helpers! It's me again. I am having a hard time with notifications. Not only am I not authorised like lots of us have been experiencing, when I click on the little blue person of indeterminate gender, I never actually get to see notifications. I only see this:

(If I were hot shit I would've animated that, but COME ON).

I've deleted the cookies and cleared the cache and logged out and back in again as a result, but no dice. I can only geto to notifications through "See all" and some vigorous refreshing.

Just thought you should know.