So, I'm working on Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC - which is freaky and bizarre and Lovecraftian - and I came across Hrodulf's House.  Bethesda has a habit of putting things into their games that might mean something, might mean nothing, or maybe they just don't work.  Sometimes, it's all three.  

Hrodulf used to live here, but the house is a ruin.  You find her journal and it's increasingly obvious that she went insane.  The last line "Fire from the deep." was especially chilling. And then nothing. I mean, there's a small Dwemer ruin underneath but... what? What happened? I expected to find a huge maze under there.  Or, like, at least something scary. Can a bitch get a Balrog or something up in here? 

Most of the Internet seems to agree with me. I found a bunch of what I guess would be Skyrim conspiracy theorists trying to figure out the significance of this. They all came up with a fat nothing.  Nevertheless, this is going to bother me. I keep going back there and poking around, certain something will pop out at me.  

What is the Skyrim version of a tinfoil hat?