Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Don't know if this one has been reported before but I have been getting it for a while.

If I use the "insert picture" icon in the comment editing box the whole screen goes sorta translucent and freezes. I can insert pics by putting the URL in the body of the comment, but then I can not upload pics like this one:


From my computer.

Also, I find that the add pic button on the new (beta) composer is purely decorative and does nothing. That is acceptable in a beta but I don't know why the add pics button in the comment box is so wonky. Well, I know, but "kinja" isn't really an acceptable explanation.

Speaking of bugs, here's a probable double post in honor of the red box "There were some errors during save, please try again" error. So this is either ironic or meta. Possibly both.

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