I don't know if it is just me, but I have noticed that many of the header photos for Gawker site headlines, including io9, don't seem to load on my mobile device, especially as you scroll further down the main page through older article headlines. This doesn't generally happen within the actual article itself...only on the main page where you see all the headlines. The first five to ten headline pics may load just fine but the further I scroll back it is just text headlines without the accompanying photograph.

There should be pictures showing up with these headlines

I've also noticed, however, there are times when the header picture won't load for the actual articles even though you can see segments of it being referenced in annotations in the comment section. I find that very strange.

This is something new as these pictures have always shown up before.

Curious if anyone else is experiencing this and if it isn't a bug, is it being done to speed up the site on mobile devices or something?