Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks


We haven't had a bug post in a while and I'm not sure anybody cares, but Kinja is pretty wonky on an iPad. Or maybe I am the only one with these issues.

Autocorrect is miserable. If you try to backspace to correct a mistake it does weird stuff like change part of the previous word into nonsense. You just have to delete a few words and start that part of the post over again.

  • Herexample plea off that. (Here is an example of that)

I can not post youtube videos. The links have question marks in them and for some reason those get read as carriage returns in long links.


In the observationdeck, if I read a post and then hit "back" the main Odeck page does not load. I have to refresh to see it.

autocapitalize works after punctuation. It does not work at the start of a new paragraph except for the first n paragraph.

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