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Burmygam welcomes feline aliens

Is there something in the water? Not content with setting a Trekkie-cosplay record last Friday, Birmingham - or Burmygam as extra-terrestrial visitor Skizz styled it - wants your sci-fi cats for a show of paws on October 22.


Destination Star Trek Europe at the NEC managed to gather 1,137 fans dressed as Klingons, Borg, Starfleet crew, Vulcans and Orion slave girls, beating a previous assembly in Las Vegas. But they are not going to paws for rest.

As the galactic groupies clear out, the NEC is keen to keep the SF theme rolling in the Supreme Cat Show later this month. The Supreme Show of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (which sounds like an evil organisation ready to take over the world) is even inviting the likes of Colin Baker and Paul Darrow to the event. They also want to claw in every sci-fi cosplay cat they can find. Stand by for an armageddon-sized onslaught of the cutes.


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