Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Illustration for article titled Burning Questions Left Unanswered By the Latest The Flash

The show's remaining consistently strong, but I am left with questions, burning in my brain pan. Share my pain, dear readers.

  • So is the Pied Piper still out there, planning more pied piping? THIS IS NOT OKAY
  • Peekaboo's boyfriend got away from the Flash. By walking quickly down a dark tunnel. How exactly did he do this? Please discuss.
  • Iris was hired because she was writing about the Flash. Of course they expect and require her to write about the Flash. How is she surprised by this?
  • Okay can we please talk about this Pipeline? I see no toilets. I see no meals being served. There is no due process, nor trial, just people who didn't ask for superpowers getting thrown into solitary confinement for the foreseeable future. THIS, TOO, IS NOT OKAY
  • Seriously do they get meals? These things don't have food slots. If they have to open the doors every time you serve them (or get them to a bathroom jeeze they've been holding it like forever) then how are superpowered bad guys just not getting away constantly?
  • Can Iris not recognize the surprisingly-clear shot of Barry's face in his Flash suit? If she can't recognize faces she should see a doctor because I'm pretty sure there's a weird condition for that
  • So the sewer workers: where did the tall one find his 'Learn a Word a Day!' calendar? Can his next of kin please throw it away, because nobody uses 'Antiquated' in sentences anymore. (Also that sewer was not especially old-looking)
  • Why is Grodd writing his name over and over again on the walls? That is imperfect practice, sir, and if you don't get a teacher to show you how to do it properly your penmanship will remain ATROCIOUS

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