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Buyer Beware: Capcom Lied At E3 About The SF V Beta

If you live outside North America and pre-ordered Street Fighter V because of being able to access the Beta, then you might want to reconsider because Capcom lied to you at E3.

I decided to see whether or not it was worth to Pre-order Street Fighter V because I wanted to access the Beta and get a sense of what the game was like. I was shocked to find out though that neither Game, Amazon or the PSN didn’t have access to the Beta and in fact, no store in the UK gave you access.


Turns out, that was because the Beta is available to everyone who Pre-orders the game... As long as you live in the USA and Canada. Yep, Capcom flat out lied to most of their international audience about how to access the Beta because apparently that’s acceptable in gaming.

Does that mean no one else can access it? Well no, you might have a chance to access it. If you live in some specific areas of the world, you can only access it if you are a PSN+ member and are lucky enough to be chosen after registering for it.

Wait why? why would you limit your player base like that? Why isn’t it just like the NA and you just pre-order the game? Why isn’t it like every other BETA for a video game ever like Halo 3, Halo Reach, Gears of Wars 2 & 3, The Elder Scrolls Online, Minecraft and Destiny where the way to access it is the same for everyone?

This just boggles the mind and it is not much better for everyone else. In Latin America, you can only access it if you pre-order the game from the PSN. In East Asia, you have to download a ticket that puts you into a raffle and the winners get to access the Beta because after all, it’s not like Asia doesn’t have a massive gaming fan-base does it?


This just seems idiotic at best. What benefit does SONY and Capcom get out of limiting anyone who isn’t from North America? It seems it would of been more cheaper for Capcom just to make the way to access the beta the same for everyone like every other Beta out there.

Also, why the hell has none of the gaming press pointed this out? IGN so far is the only one and even then, all they did was say how you access it and did not bring up the absurdity that most have to go through loops to have a chance to access something that is unfairly are guaranteed for. Any other sites either mention the pre-order access was NA only as an after thought or ignored it entirely.

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