Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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CAHn someone else set up CAH?

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I don't have time tonight, as I've been sick between food poison and my head trying to murder me. So, sadly, I have to be responsible and actually study. Gross, right? I'm hoping, though, that someone in the comments will start a game. Pretty please?


Cardcast decks for reference:

/addcardcast QN5YD (Star Wars)

/addcardcast IMZWF (Star Trek)

/addcardcast EAHPY (Marvel)

/addcardcast WTGBN (Nerds)

/addcardcast DKH5U (monty python)

/addcardcast WSEB3 (5th element)

/addcardcast BCBXU (Hamlet's Hogwarts)

/addcardcast VOZYW (Panders)

/addcardcast ZWDK9 (GT/OD deck)

/addcardcast DL7X5 (Hamlet's scrubs)

/addcardcast WU6XW (Psych)

/addcardcast RF4QR (Calvin and Hobbes)

/addcardcast 1ILKE (Pawnee)

/addcardcast 5D6ea (holidays)

/addcardcast APUVE (Odette)

/addcardcast 2nepa (Odette)

/addcardcast VJNYS (musicals)

/addcardcast HGGO0 (UK cards)

/addcardcast SAFOD (Aussie)

I hope you'll have fun without me, while I toil away reading a very densely packed textbook that really has a hard on for the greeks.

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