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California Politicians Fail to Act Against Pointless, Nuisance Time Travel

That’s right, California’s move to put an end to daylight saving time on the November ballot has inexplicably stalled.

To be clear, no one expected a political body to take so bold a step as to end a perennially loathed pain-in-the-ass themselves, all they had to do was put it up for a referendum so the people could vote that moronic nonsense out of existence. They failed even to do that—by four votes.


There is some possibility of reintroducing the measure, so all Californians who value unaltered causality should contact their state senator and express their displeasure. State senators can be located here:


Let’s create a future where our descendants find alarm clocks from this era with daylight saving time switches and say, “What in the hells is this stupid thing for?”

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