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Since there are a few that are interested, let's just get this puppy rolling. I am looking for experts in anything that wouldn't mind answering some questions from a group of ODeckers. It's basicly an Observation Deck AMA free-for-all!!

I don't care what your expert-ism is in, I just want your knowledge.

Every Friday I'll start a post introducing you and then open the floor for discussion. People with questions can ask away and you'll do your best to answer them.


Here are some ground rules:

1 - We ain't the Mayo clinic. This is not the place for a diagnosis of that lump on your backside. These are just lighthearted questions and answers. no one is liable for anything. If you ask a question, you're on your own.

2 - Don't be a dick. Seriously, my wrath is violent and often leaves scars.

3 - No question is stupid. Ask away, but try to keep it on topic.

As far as the experts are concerned, I want everything!! Even if you think it's esoteric, bring it! Yes, even I am an expert in something [sigh]. I want game masters, writers, tech boys, horse trainers, pilots, foreign language speakers, ditch diggers, bakers, onion farmers, YOU NAME IT!!!


As soon as I get a roster going, I'll try to figure out a schedule and get it up so people can get their questions ready. You can email me your expertise at: drillpress 76 at geemale dhat cham. Yes, there were 75 drillpresses before me. Odd, right?

Any questions about the rules and regulations, start a thread in this post.

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