Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Call for Gadget Advice

I need some gadget advice.

I have an e-reader, a Kindle Fire, to be exact. It was a gift, and not necessarily something that I would have selected for myself. It's more than a year old now, and it's starting to act up. I've had to reset it at least twice a week for a while now, and today I had to reset it twice again. And I'm not wild about the fact that it doesn't have external volume control.

So I'm thinking of buying something new. I like the usefulness of the Kindle Fire as an inexpensive tablet - I don't have another device that fills this need. I have a relatively significant library on my Amazon Kindle account that I don't want to lose or have to replace.

I thought about getting a Nook HD, which is the Barnes and Noble equivalent - but lo and behold! They don't support the Kindle app, which would allow me to keep my library. Go figure.

So what should I do, Niners? Suggestions are welcome!

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